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Model: Ulma
Age: 1958-59
Condition:  Refurbished. Mint+
Country of origin: Italy

Ultra rare original Ulma horncast embellisher for Lambretta series 1.  Re-chromed and in absolutely mint condition.  Premier league accessory.

Upon proper inspection we have revealed some of the original brass on the back to conclusively prove the originality of this piece.  It is NOT a reproduction. It has been in our collection for many years and long before known reproductions were produced.  Furthermore we have put the gem alongside original and reproductions of ‘golfball’ gems and are of the opinion that the blue gem is also original and in exceptional preserved condition.  The ‘i’ on the gem is wider on reproductions and the plastic is actually rougher on the originals.  The fixing bracket is also the original one.

Original Ulma products are highly collectable and becoming ever more scarce.  A solid investment.

VS travels extensively sourcing original accessories for vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters.  Our extensive network and contacts built up over many years means we can find and identify the rarest and most beautiful accessories for your scooter collection.  Original is always best.


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